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X-Pro2 - Color Digital Split Image MF assist question

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I will buy the X-Pro2 soon and I intend to use it with Lens Turbo II and Minolta MD lenses as I do with my X-Pro1 now.
​I'm wondering how well is the Color digital split image manual focus assist mode implemented in using manual legacy glass? Has anyone tried it? I owned an X100T and used the ERF quite often, actually most of the time, but did not like the focus by wire implementation. The fact that sometimes I could not distinguish if the focus was tack sharp or a bit off, made me use the EVF more than I actually wanted to. The split image option was sometimes unreliable, especially if there were complex patterns included in the scene as the focusing screen was B&W.
​I'm expecting really good performance out of manual focusing aids in the X-Pro2, because it will actually be the only method used for focusing the Minoltas. Also... Is the split focusing aid also kind of ''pixelated'' (not high resolution) as it was the case with the X100T?

​Thanks for your replies guys!
​Have a good one! ;)

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    • Strangely enough in 2024 I have the same problem and even Fuji are stuck for the reason why ? 
    • Perché? Potrebbe dipendere da questo? A me stesso problema ma tempo fa ho usato il proxy e vedevo la cartella, ma all' epoca usavo un lettore esterno di CF che poi ho smarrito....ora non vedo i Proxy e sto collegando direttamente la camera al pc
    • Thank you. Ill pick up another one. 
    • Perhaps try a different brand of sensor wipes and fluid. (Uh, I am not not trying to start a brand wars discussion, so I will just use the term different brand.)  Once upon a time a bug flew down my telescope and landed on the sensor and left a trail where it walked around that looked similar to what you are seeing. The trail only showed at certain f-stops. I could not get it cleaned off after using a lot of wipes and fluid. My local camera store person recommended trying a different brand. One pass with a dry swab (the usual approach for the new brand) and one pass with fluid and the mark was gone. I did use more pressure on the swabs than before. If the mark is on the sensor or on the inside of the protective glass, it would have been there from the start. This will need a trip to the service center to fix, but it can be fixed.
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