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X-Pro 2 USB Connection to MAC doesn't work, How can I find a solution to this.....

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If you get a pc card reader for your SD cards, you can pull the SD card from the camera, put it in the card reader (which attaches to your computer -  usually via a USB port in your computer) and use your computer’s software to transfer the images.

But I am curious about what you wrote, is the USB port in your camera damaged or is the menu option to set it up for image transfer not showing up?


If you set the pc connection option to USB Card Reader, you should be able to connect your camera to your computer using a USB cable and move the images.

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Hi Jerryy,

Thank you for your quick reply and yes I thought about to buy a pc card reader. But I'm also curious why it doesn't work like before, I never had a problem to actually connect my camera to the computer.

So I checked my camera and it's not damaged or anything, looking at the connection setting I only have the 4 first options, those you sent me in the link.

But NO: 

Has there been updates to the camera that I haven't been aware of? Because this one doesn't show up in the menu option.

I haven't used my camera in almost 2 years due to the pandemic. We have sort of been in different locations, locked-up....

Thanks again for your help.






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Not having the menu option is a problem, especially when you need to use one or two of them. Here is the link to the firmware updates:


This page also lists an overview of the steps as well as giving you more detailed instructions should you want to see them in step by step listings.

However, since you mention you do not yet have a card reader, getting the update to  your camera will be tricky, because the update is copied to the card and the the card is put back in the camera. Camera Remote App will not work to do this because, if I remember correctly, the X-Pro 2 does not have bluetooth which Camera Remote App needs for the transfer.

So without the card reader things might be tricky. Do you know anyone that has one and will be able to help you?

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