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Any particular requirements for HDMI display?


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If I want to send the camera display output to an HDMI monitor, for example for composing shots on a larger screen, are there any particular requirements for that monitor? Aspect ratio, pixel count, physical size, version, anything like that? If it matters, I'm thinking of an X-T4 and also an X-T30 ii.

I understand this is supposed to duplicate the camera display on the external monitor, whether shooting, playback, in menu system, whatever -- have I got that right?


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Make sure you are using the right cable, not just mini-HDMI to HDMI, but also the data rate needs to be supported, that is, the cable must be able to support 4K HDMI speeds if you are sending 4k video to the monitor.

If you are sending the video to a TV instead of a monitor, the same stuff is needed for that as well, but you may need to go through the TV's menu system and find the over-scan setting and turn it on (some older TVs may need this to make sure the top and bottom portions do not go out of bounds. Note: this may not be needed, it depends on how old the TV is, it is a setting that let the TVs works with computers and some use it with camera video as well but many newer ones do not.)

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