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Aperture control ‘stuck’ to rear command dial

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Hi guys. I wonder if someone can help. 

I’m relatively new the FF world and have an XH2s. 

In one of of my custom video settings I’ve somehow ‘locked’ the aperture control to the rear command wheel, and can’t change it back to the control on the lens. It shows on the screen with the little semi-circle to indicate that the rear dial is ‘assigned’ to aperture control, but I can’t turn it off! 

Please help!!



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I believe the command dial settings are universal for all shooting modes on the PASM dial including C1-C7.

They can be changed in Spanner-Button/Dial Settings-Command Dial Settings menu option.

Note - Having aperture set to command wheel should not stop the Lens aperture ring updating the aperture value. The lens ring will override the command wheel.

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6 minutes ago, Abevideo said:

It didn’t let me use the ring for some reason. It was only on custom 2, all the others were normal. I ended up just resetting that custom to base settings and restarting 🤷🏻

Weird glitch, glad its resolved. 

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