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Feelworld Monitor + Fuji X-T2 Flog recording problems

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Hello people.

I have an X-T2 camera and recently bought a Feelworld monitor for video.

Problem is i can’t record with FLog profile and use the monitor at the same time.

In the FLog menu:

When i try to set up the flog profile in the option (SD:4K/HDMI:FHD) ny screen starts blinking like a bug or something.

In (SD:4K/HDMI:-) records to the camera SD but wont output signal to the monitor.

In (SD:-/HDMI:4K) displays signal to the monitor but i can’t record to the SD card nor the monitor (as it is not a external recorder just monitor)

I can use the monitor and record 4K but without FLog which i need.

And i can record FHD to the SD and output signal to the monitor but without FLog

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