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Can I use the battery from my XT 10 for my new XT 30 II?

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You can, it will work, but …. consider the age on the X-T10’s battery, the X-T30 II will drain it faster, the newer battery is built with larger capacity. Also, the newer battery has the middle terminals being used by the camera to regulate temperature. The ones on the older battery are not activated for that.

If cost is an issue, there are several third party sellers that have compatible batteries.

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    • Thats an interesting question - there appear to be two different remote access interfaces to the camera : Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and USB - the USB interface does have a way of accessing a shutter count - I haven't seen any report that its available via Bluetooth/WiFi.
    • Jerry. We're really travelling in circles here (please refer to my original post). I know what tethering is and how to use it. I use the TL Plus View to trigger a Zeapon system for Time Lapse and the two together work perfectly fine. However, it would be nice to work occasionally without this rig and simply use the Fuji app. The workaround you're describing is unworkable for any serious Day to Night timelapse as, apart from anything else (such as camera touching and therefore unwanted movement) you are constantly looking in the rear view mirror as to what it is you're metering, not to mention that the space between intervals would have to be unusably long. (sigh) All Im asking is that the app displays the exposure when using ANY intervalometer. There may be no serious workaround, but I thank you for your thoughts.
    • Nope the exposure indicator meter only shows when using an external intervalometer, it does not show when using the internal one or when using the app. The work around is time limited, a variation of what I have described above, tethering the camera or grab an image using the app. Open the image in Raw Studio or an editor and look at the histogram, etc, You will see if it is over/under exposed. Tethering or connecting via usb to grab the image is fastest, the remote app is okay. If clouds are rolling in, it can be tricky at first. studio shooters use tethering a lot.
    • Even Fuji Australia seem to see this as an oversight.   The reason Im posting here is in the unlikely event that someone has a functional workaround...hopefully one that doesn't involve physically touching the camera...which is the entire point of the app so far as Im concerned.
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