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How do IBIS and OIS interact? (Camera body stabilization + lens with optical stabilization)

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How do the two different kinds of image stabilization work if you use a body with IBIS and a lens with OIS? Does one of them simply switch off? Or do the two cooperate in some way that works even better?

I have several lenses with OIS that are amazing. I use them on an X-T30 ii. But I'm toying with the idea of getting an X-T4.


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Thats an interesting question. IBIS gives you stabilization in more axes than OIS. I can't find anything from FujiFilm that discusses the way they work together on the X-T4. You don't have a choice when you turn on IBIS in the body or OIS on the lens (if applicable) you get both.

The only thing from FujiFilm I could find that discusses IBIS and OIS actually working together is from this firmware update for the X-H1:


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Hi! If you turn on ois, Ibis is disabled. They both cannot function together. It's possible this will change with future camera designs, but it will be very lens specific. The problem is the image circle deteriorates the closer the sensor gets to the edge.

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