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    • I have not heard about any plans. Fuji is apparently planning it for GFX100. IMO, it is not a very useful feature. I have several cameras with pixel shift and have never used it but for testing it.
    • Hello Fuji Community,    I am new to photography and got myself the Fuji Xpro 2 with 2 lenses, the 56mm and 35mm. I was wondering if you guys can check out my instagram and check out my photos for any tips, advice, or feedback. Feel free to follow you like like my photos :)   My instagram account is @l.janphotography    Cheers- Lorbert
    • So there is no compability at all?
    • I can't speak for the X-T4 but I currently have an X-T3 and X100V and have previously owned an X-T30, X-T2, X100F and X100T (that's three generations of Fuji sensors). I shoot with my cameras set to RAW but then use X Raw Studio to 'develop' the images I want to keep so although I am technically using camera JPEGs I have the flexibility to adjust exposure, WB, film sim etc. before I process the JPEG. For me, I enjoy the constraints of a limited set of adjustments and there's a magic about t
    • I own a Ronin SC. Compatibility with my XT-30 similar to if it was a brick. Anyway I see no issues, Ronin SC works well as a gimbal without a specific DJI features. I start and stop filming pushing a button on a camera. Focus wheel works well with all my lenses.
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