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Possible problem with 16-80 f4. Can any owners help?


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My 16-80 has an annoying characteristic. The extending part of the lens barrel wobbles. When fully extended to the 80mm position the front of the lens has approx. 1.5 to 2mm play. This doesn't sound much but if examined in the viewfinder it is disconcerting to say the least. Apart from possible effect on the resolution I am worried, that if out in high winds, the lens will wobble about during the exposure, especially if a lens hood is fitted. My 70-300, despite having a much longer extension doesn't suffer with this problem.

My question is, is this the same on other examples or do I have a faulty lens?

P.S. The 16-80 needs a zoom lock. When the camera is carried on a strap it 'trombones' every time. The 70-300 has one but doesn't seem to need it! 

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Thanks to your kind replies I am convinced that it's not right. There is a photo show coming  next month and Fuji will be there. I should be able to see their copy and talk to them. Then I will send it for repair.

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