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Oh My Gosh! Just received a GREAT RUMOR! Just a Hint for now... more soon!

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I would also like a monochrome square format MF Range finder style digital camera with :


- XT1 like EVF 

- small size light weight

- usable ISO up to 12800

- 13+ stops DR

- 2x memory cards

- tiltable and touch screen

- in body image stabilization 

- weather proof


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Fuji have linked up with Google - which means your cameras wifi will work superbly every time.


It also means your pics will be geotagged by Google Maps, added to the Google web image search system to see if you've taken a similar picture to one already copyrighted so Google can auto delete the image, and finally allow Google to cache all the information to their "non intrusive" world of data gathering in readiness for the day when they are ready to dominate the world!


Or, more ludicrously Fuji might have actually found a way to make their algorithms work with Adobe products!

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Good grief ... 9 pages to get to here. Nobody will care what the guesses are by now.

I'm not a fan of the whole rumour thing anyway. But this is a Fuji forum, has members from all over the world, and supports Tapatalk :D


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It would be silly to continue to placate and copy an obsolete 35 mm world. mm are irrelevant. I was just playing with the comparator @ imaging-resourse and found that the Sony A7R2 is matched by the XT1 at high ISO and thougroughly embarrassed by the sigma Quattro at Iso 100. There is no benefit to Fuji from playing the old game. (unless you think that bad alias is the same as detail).

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It's the rumor about a possible MF camera body, it kind of takes times for it to come into fruition.


The rumor about it could have come at any time of the development of it, usually it takes 1-2 years before a prototype is being made and maybe another year in testing. There is a very good probability that we won't be having any kind of announcement before Photokina this year, personally, I am not expecting anything before at least mid 2017.

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    • Seriously? This shot is with an X-T5, 70-300 AND the 1.4 TC. 

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    • My be if tracking Will work with all focus points and not Only limit can working Better.... What do you think?
    • For me, a mid tele zoom 75-150, lightweight good for travel and that complements the 32-64 or the 35-70 many people have. Right now I have to use a Pentax 645 80-160 still good but almost 3 lbs with adapter, 9" long and manual focus. The 100-200 is too heavy and there's big gap btw 64 and 100 mm.
    • Hi everybody, I have recently acquired a GF 100S, and love it! I have at this time a  GF 32-64 mm and several Pentax 645 lenses which are still very good but necessitate of an adapter (~10 oz.) and are obviously manual focus. The only GF tele zoom is the 100-200 mm at 2.2 lbs and there is a big gap from 64 mm. I currently use the 80-160 Pentax 645, but it is almost 3 lbs and 9 inches long with the adapter. The GF 45-100 is too short on the tele side, overlaps too much and it's heavy. Shouldn't Fuji give us a 75-150 mm short, light for travelling that perfectly complements the 32-64 or the 35-70 mm that many of us have? What do you think?
    • Digging more into it the app still struggles at times if the setting to combine jpeg and raw together is on.  Had all working after separating the two file types.   Appears only Raws matched with Acros BW simulation were the problem.  What I found further is the app is still "confused" by only some Jpegs shot with the Fuji Acros BW simulation.  Even after is was working by all for a bit. The app is struggling with some of the Jpegs.  I think that was the root of the issue.  There is some bug that needs to be addressed with this situation.  I do have a ticket open with support. We shall see if that goes anywhere.
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