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Fuji XT3 freezing up, after using Live view with the Fuji App

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Good day to all


I v now owned multiple Fuji X cameras. I v travelled to remote areas in Africa since May21. The FujiXpro 2, and XT 3 accompanied me on the last years travel. I have added the Xpro 3 to the bag. I have been using the App(that was downloaded), and though convoluted in its operation, I v mostly managed to make it work. 

Granted my general knowledge around the digital era, is not as good as the younger generation, But I use MacBook Pro Photoshop/Lightroom, and have basically done what most serious photographers have done, or managed OK with most of the technology.


I recently have had repeated problems with the XT 3, whilst trying to shoot via Live View using the App. It takes two photos, and on the third attempt, it freezes up. camera blinks(orange/green light), and the screen goes dark. I tried leaving the camera alone(didnt respond when i tried switching it off, via the normal way, so I left it on for ten minutes, to see if it would eventually finish uploading/processing , or sorting itself out, but the only way to make the camera regain consciousness, seem to be to remove the battery, reinsert, and start over. Only for the whole thing to repeat it self

The latest firmware updates I performed about a week ago. I believe the version is 4.30 for the XT 3


Any ideas from any one, I m frustrated, to the point where I wonder if I should consider selling the Fuji gear, and moving back to something else i used before?

The Fuji App, and cameras certainly do not make it easy, very convoluted system


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I had this issue on a job yesterday. Got the camera on a mast, extended the mast, took one photo and the camera locked up. This happened about 70% of the time so I eventually just set the camera on AEB, pointed it in about the right direction and used the app as a remote shutter release only which worked reliably.

It always is slow and buggy to connect on my X-T2 but once connected it works. The X-T3 was a huge hassle because it barely worked.

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Came here looking to see if others have had this issue. Despite it's reputation I've never had an issue with the app, used it plenty with my X-T1 and now my X-T3. 

Since the latest firmware though, there seems to be a problem with live view shooting. All other aspects of the app work, including shutter release, it's literally only if I tap on the live view to change the focus point - the camera screen goes blank, the light flashes red and green, and the only way to recover is to remove the battery.

Curiously, I've also noticed a similar problem while tethering via capture one. The live view in C1 is very sluggish, and AF options are greyed out for some reason. If I take a tethered shot it takes almost 20 seconds to download the image, afterwards the camera becomes unresponsive and the live view freezes. 

All signs certainly point towards the camera, and towards the live view/autofocus area of tethered shooting (after all, that part of the app is basically doing the same thing as C1 as far as the camera is concerned).

I'm guessing there is no way to roll back firmware? Any way to report it to Fuji?




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I have the same problem: it is no longer to focus in the live view mode of to take a picture and when I leave the app and try to set power off on the X-T3 the camera appears to be frozen and do I have to remove the battery. My X-T2 does not have this problem, so it must be something specific for the X-T3, probably since a recent firmware update.

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To add to this - I've now tried live view shooting via android app and IOS app with the same result. Also the same via tethered shooting in capture one. 

I was hoping firmware 4.40 would fix it but it seems not.

Also, it seems to randomly reset my camera to factory settings after some of the crashes. I think it depends how quickly I remove the battery after it freezes.


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Since a week I have a X-T3 (4.40) following my X-T2. It's a disaster connecting and using the Fujifilm iOS App. When it connects I can take one picture but the camera freezes and the fun is over.  Basically not usable. I tried to use the App Cascable but it also freezes. Please Fujifilm, you also must have noticed?

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