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X-Pro2 | Rodeo Action

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I pre-ordered an X-Pro2 from Amazon and now have about 1,000 images or so under my belt.  This last weekend I attended the Alabama High School Rodeo for a few hours and decided to try the X-Pro2 shooting action.  What I had not counted on was the total crap (low, low) light.  The rodeo was held in the indoor arena in Montgomery.  It is decades old with horrible lighting.  I shot at 8,000 - 12,800 ISO for the entire time, inside.


The light was so dim I had to use my 60mm f2.4 Fujinon lens, wide open and could go no higher than 1/800th sec shutter speed.  This was not ideal.  I needed at least 1/1000th sec to stop the action but you do what you can.  Even with this exposure I am guessing I was about a full f-stop under what I needed.


I was totally blown away at how well the X-Pro2 performed.  I shot in Acros G and Classic Chrome simulations and shot only Jpeg.  My settings were -4NR, 0 HTone, -2 STone, +2 Color (CC) & +1 Sharpening.  I was in continuous focus, zone focus mode.  Take a look at my Blog Post for my impressions of the X-Pro2.  For much larger versions of the sample images check out my Flickr Page.



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Nice one. Did you use the ovf or evf?



I only use EVF.  I have never cared for the OVF function.  I forgot to mention I never activated the "High Performance" mode for the EVF and used the "Standard" during the entire shoot.  I did notice a little "black out" in the EVF during the 8fps.  But, I got used to it.  I'm assuming the high performance mode refreshes the screen faster making for less black out.  You'll see the larger images on my Flickr page.

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