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Best "old" fujifilm body

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Hi everyone 

I really miss my xt3 (moved to ff) and I'm thinking about buying relatively old fuji model that will give me the sane experience with low price.

I'm not sure what to look for really



Maybe xe30

Or other models?

Ofc I want keep it budget so no point to suggest something expensive:)

Video is not important.


Thank you


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My suggestion is the X-E2S.
Great sensor, classic looking camera, rangefinder style body, great selection of features, small body & inexpensive. 
The “S” also has no anti-aliasing filter which provides a sharper image over other models (like the X-E2).

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The e-series hasn't had an anti-aliasing filter from the first x-e1; after all, the whole selling point of the x-trans sensors was the lack of a need for such.

Personally, I prefer the look of the x-trans i images over the x-trans ii, so that would be the x-e1 or the x-pro1. You'd have to accept (and/or enjoy) the slower shooting experience, though. Edited by Florian
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You know, I'm still getting some great images off of my X-E1.  Its been my trusted companion for years and rarely lets me down. It will not be great for fast action, but if you are shooting anything else its just fine.  Sensor is not as dense with pixels as the new cameras, so you have to be sure on composition.

I can't even remember exactly when I bought this camera, but it was when I was a full time Nikon Shooter.  I wanted a small travel camera with interchangeable lenses and the Nikon offering at the time was really bad, 4/3 was super expensive and Canon hadn't even went there.  This was on sale for like $700 with the 27mm F2.8 and the 18-55 F2.8-3.5.  Couldn't argue, and at the price, was easy to just try it out.  Best decision I ever made - I can't say my absolute sharpest, most technically correct photos came out of this camera, but I can tell you that my absolute favorite photos have.  

If you see this get it - you won't be disappointed.  And by the way the lower resolution actually makes for some incredibly beautiful black and white photos.


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