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Film simulations on TIFF

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Hello, i bought recently xt30 and i would like to play with film simulations and recepies. However i would like the photos in tiff after exporting instead of jpg, also teachers in my photography school only accepts tiff format. Is there a way to apply film simulation without exporting it to jpg?

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Fujifilm's Raw File Convertor will allow you to apply the film simulations your camera natively supports and you can export the files as TIFFs.



DarkTable also does this:


Actually, just check the docs for the raw convertors you like, to see if they support the films simulations you like, (mostly they will only support the ones that are native to your camera -- you will not be able to use the ones for the X-T4 in your X-T30 files, etc.) just about all of them lets you export files as TIFF, it is a standard file format.

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