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I have an X-T2 that I bought to replace my previous X-T10. I also have two spare Duracell batteries that I bought to use with the X-T10.

The battery supplied with the X-T2 was an original Fujifilm NP-W126S, the two Duracells are equivalent to the earlier NP-W126 supplied with the X-T10.

When I put the Duracells in the Fujifilm charger the green "charging" light only illuminates for a couple of minutes and the camera battery level indicator shows them as only being partially charged. The NP-W126S takes about 30 minutes to charge and the green light remains illuminated throughout this time.

Is it safe to use the Duracells with the X-T2 or would I be better buying another original Fujifilm NP-W126S? It seems a shame to ditch the Duracells if they are compatible.

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I see no problem in using your Duracell batteries. I use a number of different makes of after-market batteries with my X-T2 (ChilliPower, EXPro etc) and whilst they maybe discharge quicker than the OEM Fuji batteries, the extra cost of OEM batteries is not justified IMO. I also use after-market chargers which give more information about charge levels than the Fuji one. 

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