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Xpro-2 and Leica & Zeiss ZM lenses

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I tried some shots this evening just after sunset with the CZ Contax G 45mm f2 & Leica M 50mm f1.4 Summilux ASPH.

These pics really don't tell you too much, I'll shoot some in better light tomorrow and post.


I like the way both lenses handle on the X-Pro2. I find the enlarged manual focus display in the EVF much superior when compared

to the X-Pro1.



X-Pro2 & Contax G 45mm f2

Edited by Mike K

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Which Adapter are you using ??

For the Contax G lenses I'm using the Fotodiox Standard CG-FX adaptor and for the Leica M lenses

I'm using the Fotodiox Pro LM-FX.


FWIW I've also bought 2 K&F Concept adaptors, M42-FX  & Leica R-FX. They're about a 1/4 of the price


and just as well made as the Fotodiox.

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Here are some images taken on this flat grey afternoon, all shot at f2, OOC Jpegs no PP:


#1. Fuji 56mm f1.2

#2. Leica 50mm f1.4 Summilux ASPH 

#3. CZ Contax G 45mm f2

Edited by Mike K

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Having looked at the full size images, all shot at f2- in my view, on the X-Pro2 the Fuji 56mm outperforms the Leica 50mm ASPH & the Contax Zeiss 45mm.


The Contax comes a close second after the Fuji in terms of overall image quality and detail. 


In the close up crops above have a look at the man in the green jacket on the left, and compare the detail and sharpness on his face, tie and jacket.

Edited by Mike K

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I have just bought X-pro 2 and attached Leica lens with ripon L/M-FX adaptor.


But the camera will not shoot, what do i need to do ? Works fine with 18mm lens.


would greatly appreciate advice

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I have tried many VC and Leica lenses (and other mounts too) adapted to all sorts of X camera over my ownership history.  The constant reminder for me is:


native lenses only!! 


I have 50 and 35 lux and I just dont like them on the xpro2.  I would never suggest someone buy Leica glass to use just for adapting purposes, if you already have them then experiment, but there are plenty of other adaptable mounts that will give similar results on the Xpro2 if you want to dabble.  I have also found that EVF and peaking with manual lenses is no longer something I enjoy (but that is the rangefinder fanboy speaking).


The only mirrorless that does leica lenses well is the.... Leica SL....I bought one and sold it.


If you can find lenses for under say $150 to play with or to get a vintage or classic look, that's fine.  For the money, the X prime set of 23, 25, 50 cannot be beat with any adapted lens. 


I would experiment with M42 more than anything M mount.  Buy 1-3 cheap Helios 44 or takumar SMC 50mm 1.4 and have fun!


Just from the examples the 50 lux will never look 4x better than the 56mm (but it's 4x the cost!).

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On this note this is what I am experiencing: Love my X-Pro2 with XF2.0/35 R WR and a recently purchased (February 2018) XF 18-55 F 2.8-4 R lenses as well as my Leica M mount lenses via Fujifilm adapter. Light walk around and travel kit. It is not a fair comparison M lenses on my Leica SL and a Leica SL 24-90 are in a different category due to the full frame size of sensor. As said and proven in many a test before native lenses perform best with given camera bodies due to software adjustments. But I would rather judge photograph on its content than some luck of micro contrast or vignetting. 

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      Has anyone been shooting Leica glass on their X-T1, T2, T10, T20? If so, are you using Fuji's own adapter and which lenses, and how are your results?
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      Hi all,
      I recently acquired a Zeiss ZM 18mm f/4 for use on my X-E2s via Fuji's own M-mount adaptor (which I chose so as to be able to dial in any necessary in-camera corrections).
      It turned out that only a very minor correction is required for distortion ("barrel weak"), while some more pronounced tweaking of the vignetting and corner colour shading controls is required to clean up those aspects of the lens' performance.
      Here's the corner shading and colour cast without correction...

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http://m6.i.pbase.com/o9/02/605602/1/164063386.XjYzh7cu.3ab984671a6046caab5b95f962ee4f2c.jpg&key=2248a7afa4dfd83344f083f93938b9472f0c9d69d1420c01ea591e3e6aab88eb">  
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      With that out of the way, I then set out to take some test shots.
      Here's a 100% original resolution file below.

      Shot at f/8 as JPEG with "Astia" film simulation and circular polarizer, focused at the f/4 hyperfocal markings (i.e., assuming a stringent 0.015mm CoC, rather than the standard 0.030mm).

      The white plumage in harsh midday light made this a good test bed for any chromatic aberration or purple fringing - gladly, there is none whatsoever of either.

      Post-processing was limited to some minor lifting of shadows and some added vibrance; no other corrections were applied, and no additional sharpening (in-camera sharpening was set to 0 = default).

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      I shoot primarily fashion and portraiture, and have been using a Sony A7 since 2013 with Sony/Zeiss glass with great results for the most part.
      As my photography improves, I have been gaining a better understanding of my style and have been looking for ways to enhance that style.  Essentially, I enjoy photos that have a timeless, vintage look, and sometimes dreamy look to them instead of modern photos that look just like a 100% true representation of the present reality.  
      I know that this look could probably be obtained by using photoshop, tools like VSCO, etc (and this is likely what most people do).  However, I have never enjoyed spending hours to manipulate a photo, nor do I find the results very satisfying (perhaps due to my limited knowledge of post-processing too).  My solution became a simple one, where I began to explore the advantages of the mirrorless system by buying legacy lenses with the appropriate rendering for my style.  In this case, I bought a Zeiss C-Sonnar 50/1.5 for M-mount.  This approach worked well and gave me results that were vintage looking with lower contrast and the all important classical look.  Of course, it is no secret that the characteristics of the lens translate directly to the sensor and the final photo, making it difficult to change my mind about the mood of a photo after the fact.  Another problem is that the lenses are still not optimized for these mirrorless systems, and lens sharpness and performance is understandably lower as a result. There is alot of trial and error involved in finding and testing the right lenses with the appropriate rendering to fit the mood I am looking for.  Yesterday, I bought a Summicron 50mm f2, and ended up not liking its rendering with my camera.  
      This had me rethinking about my approach, since I also have an XT-1 that I have been borrowing, which is fantastic and achieves similar results with film simulations which could be altered after the photo is taken.  Even when compared to Leica lenses, I find the Fuji glass is every bit as good, especially in terms of colour, sharpness, and micro-contrast.  Yes, the photos must still be sharp to be acceptable, but for the most part, I prioritize lens rendering over sharpness.  I don't need to have the sharpest lens in the world, but it has to be sharp enough for my use for photographing fashion and portraiture.  
      What are your thoughts on my approach?
      Does using legacy vintage lenses produce a unique mood and rendering to the photos that is not possible to be created in post-processing?
      Instead, is it far more desirable to shoot using a neutral lens with extreme clarity and sharpness, and then adjust the rendering, colours, etc. in post-processing?  
      Is Fuji X the solution?  
      The photos attached shows my Jpegs straight out of camera with no editting using:
      1) Girl with blonde hair - Sony A7 with Zeiss 50/1.5 C-Sonnar
      2) Door - Fuji XT-1 with 23mm/1.4

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.
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