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New to Photography - Zoom Question

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First of all let me state that I am totally new to photography and cameras, so please forgive the very basic (and ignorant) question.  I am in the process of taking several online courses on my camera (X-T4) as well as photography in general.

There is one thing, however, that is really driving me crazy - I purchased a used X-T4 with an XF 16-80mm lens.  When I use the lens and set the focal length to anything other than 80mm, the image appears further away that it actually is.  When I set it to 80mm the image appears to be the actual distance from me.

I was thinking that the 80mm would allow me to zoom in on the image (make it appear closer than I physically am to the subject).  If this is correct, is there a setting on the camera I need to set?

As mentioned, I realize this is a basic question - my apologies.  I am in the process of learning all I can but this one question is really bothering me.


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