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Locking focus and one more question inside...

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Hello everyone, I just got my XT1 graphite and I'm psyched. I wanted to know how to lock the focus without refocusing?


on the canon there was an option to lock the refocus.

for exmaple you  press on the half shutter and then you press on the lock button, and now you can shoot focus locked, up until i release the button. 


I wanted to see if there as a simular way to first press the AF-L and make it act as a lock and not FOCUS + lock.


the only options I found on the XT1 was its to make it AFL on/off or AFL press/release. so how can i get rid of the AF and just keep L?
I hope I'm not making it too confusing.


Also can someone recommend wireless transmitter for external flash.

I used the vello but I keep having misess with the flash syncing.

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I feel you pain with the AF-L button. I haven't found any way to make it stop refocusing when pressed. Even if you switch to manual focus it still refocuses when pressed. There is an setting for "Instant AF" but is it limited to AF-S and AF-C.

It's supposed to refocus if you press it.  Your camera will not refocus automatically if set in manual though.

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jwarstyle - In Shooting Menu #4 you will find an item called AE/AF-LOCK MODE. Change it to ON/OFF SWITCH instead of the default ON WHEN PRESSING.


Now if you press AF-L button once it will in fact Focus and Lock, but you'll be able to recompose and take as many shots as you wish, without refocusing and without holding the button all the time. The focus will be released only if you press the AF-L button again. Isn't that what you're looking for? I believe it's exactly what the Canon "routine" described by you does, yet in even more convenient way, by using just one button for focus and lock instead.  

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