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Locking Focus Area X-T3


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There has been some discussion about this in the past but I can't find a solution for my situation.  My focus area jumps around when I auto-focus the camera.  I want it to stay in the centre and only move when I move it with the joy stick.  I know that it can move if I accidentally hit the joy stick but this is not my issue.  While I am focussing, I can see the focus area jumping around to focus on different areas.  How do I prevent it from doing this?



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I believe @BobJ has the answer to help you, turn off touch screen focusing and use the joystick to move the focus area.

This is the actual page that tells you how to do that:


Touch shooting is useful when you need to hold the camera well away from you, when your hands are not able to easily work the controls, but otherwise it can get in the way.

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Well, @Bobj was right on the money.  Problem solved.  I agree with others who have said the touch screen is of limited use in shooting.

To those who said, "Just RTFM" I will say that I am a manual reader.  I have read the Xt-3 manual at least a couple of times.  Since cameras today are just computers attached to lenses, it can be tough to absorb it all.  Thanks to Bob and Jerry (for the link) for finding and confirming a solution.  I am grateful.

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