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I'm getting tired of this... can anyone help please? (MD focal reducers related)


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I'm kind of getting tired of this...so please, any help would be highly appreciated!


​I bought lots of Minolta MD lenses, including the quite expensive 50mm f1.2, but I want to use them on my X-Pro1 with at least some ''medium-to high'' quality focal reducer. As I live in Slovenia, the choices are pretty poor (read: none) and I really have no desire in buying the (imo) overpriced Metabones speedbooster, or the ultra version, so I was stuck with trying the cheap generic f.r. which showed lots of corner softness, regardless the aperture on every single lens, and I know how they should perform since I used them before on the A7II and also tried them on my buddy's XE-1, and they performed very differently (a whole lot better). The other problem was the blue spot, then I just sold it on e-bay to get at least some amount of money back. So in general the adapter was a bad performer, even for the price.
As I know there are NO options available for Minolta MD mount besides used Zhongyi Lens Turbo I, which are so rare, I did not spot one in a month or so. Other two options being Metabones or Generic which I'm not interested in.

Then I came into a conclusion that I can use a focal reducer of a mount with a shorter flange distance than the MD and just buy a thin adapter, and also benefit with having the option to adapt almost all other mounts. But here's the thing…

I would LOVE to buy the Lens Turbo II in MD mount as it corrects most quirks of the first model, but guess what? No love for Minolta anymore! It does not exist. And all models have a bigger flange.

Then I spotted a series of Kipon Baveyes 0.7x focal reducer for Fuji X (which is of very good quality optics, and not that expensive! A little over 200€ which I have no problem paying for.) with a whole range of mounts to choose from: ALPA, EOS, NIK, M42, L/R, C/Y, NG, OM… but no MD mount of course!!! Then I checked each of their flange distances online and found out only the ALPA mount, which I did not even hear of before, being pretty rare, has a lot shorter flange than MD. But of course there are no adapters/rings available for MD - ALPA.

I'm looking for a quality focal reducer but I'm starting to give up…and thinking of buying the Metabones, and spend a whole lot of money on that, just to get my work flow going again, since I made a switch from Sony A7II to Fuji X-Pro1 I did not regret a single thing except for my huge collection of fullframe MD lenses not being that much useful for art work, because of the crop factor.

Please guys, any ideas?

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I think that modifying one of the type II for your needs is not beyond the capabilities of a decent technician.


you buy a generic adapter without the lens  and cannibalize the front ring which you then put on the type two lens turbo.


Needs some work but can be done.





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Oh man nice! Been thinking of that before but I assumed it's would not end up with good results. Would i need to polish the upper plain a bit (44mm-43,7mm=0,3mm) to achieve perfect infinity focus, just wondering? Or is the 0.3mm neglitable, since most of my lenses set all the way to infinity focus a little past infinity.


Thank you!

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I don’t know if you need to do anything to the front plate. I’d rather think most of the work is selecting the best donor.


You would have to chose, of course, a donor plate of a similar diameter and design to the one on the lens turbo II.


but some of these cheap adapters from China cost peanuts, the K&F is already more expensive than most and it is only $12 or less!




the real problem is to secure the donor ring to the lens turbo II made for a different ring because the screws might not be in the same position.


Also the Minolta ring has a locking bayonet with an unlocking push button on the side, this too might not be in the position of the one of for example Canon above.


Maybe wiser to get in touch with the company and see what they can do for you!





Some folks on line have tried a Lens Turbo II ( or so they say) for Minolta but not for Fuji


So the company actually can put a front on a lens turbo for Fuji for you!


It will probably be best and cheapest this way

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OP has been here almost 2 years ago for the last time.😳

7 hours ago, Cartecano said:


I would like to ask you how did it end up. I am struggling with the same problem, can you please refer me, if you been able to modify ,,mitakon lens turbo ver. II,, or order adapter form company already modified?

Thank you C.


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