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WIFI lost connection issue when live shooting - help

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My Fuji XT3 camera loose WIFI connection very easily with live view shooting. I cant even continue take photos when with 3 - 4m of distance. It's not stable at all. My old camera Nikon D750 has absolutely no problem with even longer distance - just works.

XT3 also loose connection (but more rare) when I'm right by XT3 with full wifi signal. So there is issue with Fuji support of this connection protocol or this shity app. Sometimes even Camera stuck and the only way to bring it to work is remove battery. That ridiculous. 

The most frustrating is that after lost connection there is no way to reconnect. Then I have to turn camera off and reload all procedure. And again, and again ... As workaround I resigned from live view and taking photos with bluetooth remote release, but it's obviously not a solution. 

Any Idea why Fuji works so bad with this? I tested it on two smatphones LG G6. 

How to fix it? Help please. 


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Hi. I did some investigations around this. And found probably source of WIFI's lose connection.  This is smartphone.  I have used another smartphone (Samsung A52s) and all seems to work stable. I will test it more and let here know. As I could see the WIFI module in smartphones is important in this case. 

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