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AF-C turned on but it doesn't tracking the focused object when moving

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I own a XT-3 for a month. Until yesterday, all the AF modes are still working perfectly. Then suddenly, today I find that when I change the AF mode to AF-C, it works just like the AF-S mode, I'm able to focus with the shoot button, able to touch to focus in the screen, but if I hold the shutter button, there is no tracking of moving object anymore.

It looks just like AF-S.

How could I do it wrong? Or this is a hardware/software issue?


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Try making sure that you are in zone or wide mode. Also try turning off eye detect (although I think it should work with that on). By the way, it is possible to set the joystick so that when you press it and rotate the rear dial it will go through all the focus area options. menu > AF Mode > all. If you manage to get the tracking back don't forget that there are various tracking options for different scenarios. Otherwise I don't know what is wrong.

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