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Good small digital cameras AWOL

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So, Panasonic have discontinued the LX100M2, Sony have not updated the RX1R for years and Fuji discontinued the X10/20/30. Small really nice quality cameras seem to be on the way out. I think it is such a shame I used to love my Contax T3. I know that this is partially because of the modern mobile phone but I also blame the camera companies for not designing a camera that fits the bill.


The nearest to what I would like to own is the LX100M2 but as many people know this camera had problems with sealing from dust particles.  The camera I would like to see would be a Fuji x100 with a short range zoom lens. Something like a 24-60 (equivalent range), I know is it would be quite pocketable it it would be so desirable. The last such quality camera was the Leica X Vario. I think it’s failing we’re the size of the lens when switched off. A new camera would need to be designed so that the physical size was more moderate like the LX100.

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