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    • Hello, I shoot interiors on my GFX 100 ii now for two weeks, I noticed two things, the auto white balance doesn’t work as good as it did on my Canon 1 Dx system, what an I doing wrong? The image on the display on the back sometimes looks dull and blurry so I don’t even dare to show it to my client…anybody’s help is welcome
    • Hello, If you look in the top right-hand corner of each posting, there should be three dots in a row, like this —>  …  <—, click on them and after a moment or twelve, a small menu should drop down from the dots, the last entry in the menu is ‘Edit’. Choose that and after a moment or three you should be in edit mode for that entry. Note: Only you can edit your entries.
    • Jerry I found out it's a Cherry Blossom but I can't figure out how to edit it.
    • What is most ironic about this is that there must be many of us here that would be interested in significant ads about the products we're discussing. I would be. I normally hate ads, but relevant ones here would actually be somewhat welcome. What are the recent new Fuji product announcements? Is anybody offering a sale? How about 3rd party products? I mean, I actually want to spend money, more or less.
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