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Xpro-1 Shutter stuck and no display or controls

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Today in the middle of shooting my 10 year old Xpro just stopped mid-shot. The shutter is stuck closed, I can't access the menu, any other controls or the display.  I have tried switching it on and off, removing and reinstalling the battery, replacing the battery with a fresh one, removing and replacing the memory card, replacing the memory card with another one, opening closing battery door and shooting without a lens.  The only sign of life is, when I do take the battery out and replace it, the lens makes the noise it usually does on start up so there is definitely power there but I am flummoxed as to what else to try as none of the menus or other controls are working.

Does anyone have any suggestions or do I have to accept that my trusty Xpro has finally given up the ghost and its time to look at the XT4 or Xpro3.  Any ideas would be much appreciated. 

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