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    • By sean73
      Thought you all may be interested in seeing some super low light photos. I was using the 23 F2 but wish I had the 1.4 in this situation. (I used the 16mm 1.4 on the wide shots of the stages). I still think the camera managed the noise well. ...noise reduction in PS.  
      Low Light Festival Portraits
      Majority of the photos were shot at 6400 and above. 1/3 of them were at 12800  - all handheld with no flash  
      Obviously  they wouldn’t be good for printing but I think good enough for the web. 
      note: if you want to pixel peep first select the photo so it goes into the light box slideshow. Photos were exported from LR at 2000px long edge (not full resolution). 
      Note note: some of you may know how to describe this better than me but an F2 on a crop sensor is equivalent to approx 3.2 on a full frame camera  .. as well as lenses you also have to do the crop calculation on the F-stop  is that correct? 
    • By tractorboyx
      I would like to start the campaign for a new XF23mm f1.4 WR lens.
      The original 23mm is my most used lens, by a mile. But I seem to have managed to damage it with rain and snow, while shooting on the south coast this last week. It now has a watermark across one of the internal elements.
      While I understand there is the f2.0 WR version, in my opinion it is not as good as the f1.4.
      So Fuji, please could you update this excellent lens to include weather resistance
    • By mostlyphotos
      I took my X-T2 out during my lunch break for some canids in Spitalfields Market, London. I shot in ACROS film simulation mode.

    • By finguin
      a couple of pics from today's morning in Lueneburg (Lower Saxony, Germany). Unfortunately I realised a bit to late how foggy it was outside so that most of the fog was already gone. Shouldn't have watched "How to get away with murder" on Netflix before getting up





    • By Sebastian_Warneke
      Hello everybody!
      I would like to show you some of my first landscape photos with the X-T2 from my trip to Iceland some weeks ago.
      Before I changed to a mirrorless system camera I had a Canon EOS 6D before. I have to say going back to APS-C was a hard decision for me, I've never had any problems with the image quality of the 6D even Canon build not the best sensors at the moment, but as a travel camera and in some other situations I wasn't that happy anymore with it. I used parallel to it an X100T which I loved, but I needed a system with interchangable lenses. I had so much fun with the little Fuji and read so many positive reviews about the newer X-Trans III sensor that I decided to sell the Canon and all my lenses to buy an X-T2.
      With my, at the moment, four primes and the great body I had never so much fun before while photographing.
      Iceland was a great test for the system and I'm looking forward to the next holidays with it.
      But now enough words and time for some photos of the trip (most with my girlfriend on it) - hope you like it!

      Skaftafellsjökull #1 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

      Búðakirkja / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

      Diamond Beach / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

      Selfoss / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

      Thakgil / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

      Thakgil #2 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

      Brunnhorn / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

      Stokksnes / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke
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