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Best SDXC UHS II Card for X-Pro 2

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I am getting an X-Pro 2 next week.  I want a fast card that will take advantage of the X-Pro 2's UHS II compatible slot.  Lexar and other manufacturers have two speeds of UHS 2 cards, one of which is a lot more expensive and has double the read speed of the less expensive card.  I do not care that much about the read speed.  I am more concerned with the write speed, as I want to be able to shoot burst shots without waiting for the images to get saved and to shoot high definition video.  The card specs that I have seen do not state what the write speeds of the cards are.  Does anyone know whether the higher speed cards have an appreciably faster write speed, and if so, will it make a difference in the way the X-Pro 2 performs? 

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The limiting factor is more likely the camera's port write speed, or some odd handshaking issue to the uhs II interface which does not sound fully baked yet to me.


I am measuring 90 mbs write speed on several uhs I sdxc cards and will stick to those until I see some tests.


Since I shoot both cards in backup mode anyhow, having one slot faster than the other does me no good.

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I think the bundles are shop driven rather than fuji as a brand 


My favorite shop sells a bundle with Lexar for example




this too



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I'm using SanDisk cards in both slots, a 280Mb in 1, and 95Mb in 2.  Curiously, There is no difference in speed between "Backup" and "Sequential".  Shooting RAW+F, I get about 17 shots either way in 8fps burst mode before the buffer fills and the camera backs off.

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I'm currently owning 3 SDXC UHS II using with my X-T1 GS listed below.


  • SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 64GB SDXC
  • Lexar UHS-II 2000x 64GB SDXC
  • Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II 64GB SDXC

What I can say is don't believe in MB/s printed on the card


Sandisk said 280MB/s(read) - when I test with Blackmagic it's 233/128 MB/s (Read/Write)

Lexar said 300MB/s(read) - when I test with Blackmagic it's 257/190 MB/s (Read/Write)

Toshiba said 260MB/s(read) - when I test with Blackmagic it's 237/205 MB/s (Read/Write)


Currently Toshiba seem to be the most reliable to me. I don't care much about Reading speed but Writing speed that you will see the effect on continue high speed mode.Also the body cover of the card, Toshiba feel the most tough. Lexar is my second best option and I will never buy Sandisk again.

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