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Viltrox AUTOFOCUS Speed Booster/Focal reducer adapter for FUJI X?


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Hi Fujilovers!

I had an idea if anyone is interested… As you may know, the company Viltrox is producing AF adapters for M lenses and AF Speed Booster adapters for Sony APS-C. Wouldn't it be amazing if they made one for Fuji X mount, also lot's of mounts would be great (MD, M42, PK, OM, FD, Canon EF,…) like with their other adapters.
Yes I am aware the AF speed is nowhere near Fuji's lenses, but the idea is somewhat promising.
Wouldn't that be amazing? Having a reasonably cheap, ''high quality'' focal reducer, making your camera ''work'' like it's almost full frame in some aspects (depth of field) and gathering 1 extra stop of light and also using it for auto focusing your adapted MF lenses.

For me at least, that would change the whole perspective on the ''adapting lenses'' thing, as the adapter is rather small and the benefits (1EV, sharpness, FF depth, lens character, BOKEH!!) are just too big to ignore.

The X-Pro2 and newer ILC X-Mount cameras would benefit a lot from this, considering the AF is up to modern standards.
I don't see why Viltrox couldn't make this possible. There's gonna be a lot of people buying the X-Pro2, X-T2,… and many of them have at least some old MF lenses.

This would work with most vintage glass (Leica M mount excluded).


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Guest Ridgeback

That's the whole point of doing that. All adapted lenses become autofocus. Another brand Techart made a Leica M - Sony AF adapter aswell...


I'm not being intentionally obtuse but I can't quite understand this.

Maybe it's because of my job, but how is this meant to work? Manual lenses set to infinity are physically moved at that setting to focus. But the stroke of this system has a maximum (4.5 mm to be precise) and it certainly will not work with varifocal zooms, only with parfocal zooms or primes. So a stroke of 4.5 mm is enough to focus a 24 mm wide angle as well as a 135 mm telephoto? I need to find me some diagrams for this.


Also I must strongly disagree with the guy's assertion that manual lenses are unsuited to street photography. Obviously he has never heard of Cartier-Bresson, Maier, Winogrand, Feininger, Capa, Meyerowitz, Soupault et al.

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