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macro high speed water drop

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Some macro high speed water drop photos. Setup Trigger System, Fuji XT1 MCEX-11 2xNissini40 Lens 55-200.


Photos reworked in LR.




Drop by turgeon76, auf Flickr




Greensplashby turgeon76, auf Flickr

Edited by turgeon

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    • By Danny Bates
      Is anyone else having this problem?
      My XT2 works beautifully with my Godox flashes (two AD200s and one AD600) when my shutter speed is 500 or higher. But if I drop the shutter speed below 500, the flashes stop firing.
      I'm using the Godox XPro-F transmitter.
      So what I'm really wanting is "Low Speed Sync" so I can use my Godox flashes at speeds like 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, etc.
      Why I do not suspect the transmitter or flashes
      I can press the test button on the transmitter and the flashes fire I can put the same transmitter on my X100s and shoot at any shutter speed and the flashes fire successfully This makes the XT2 my prime suspect.
      Under the flash function setting menu, I do have Sync Mode set to AUTO FP(HSS) but I've tried the other settings with no success either (and didn't expect those to help anyway).
      I am in single shot mode and not using bracketing or multi-exposure features.
      And it doesn't matter if I manually turn off HSS via the menus on the flash units.
      Do you have any suggestions I can try next?
      Can you see if you are able to shoot and sync at 1/60 using your XT2 and Godox transmitter and flashes?
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    • By HansP
      When focus stacking an object one does not always know how many frames are required.
      I thought the best solution was to tether the camera with my laptop and Capture One, take a certain number of frames, say 20, review the last frame on my laptop and if required add another 20 frames until the desired depth of field is reached. Unfortunately as i found out, after the first set of frames the camera resets the focus point to the first frame. That means the following additional sets all have the same focus starting point.
      Is there a way around it? It is quite annoying if you take 100 frames or more and notice afterwards that you need some additional ones and have to start all over again. it is a waste of time.
      Has nobody a suggestion?
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    • Thank you very much for the helpful information!
    • I've read the manual and executed the simple procedure... but it doesn't work. Going SETUP menu > SCREEN SETUP > FRAMING GUIDELINE gives me the choice of GRID 9 and GRID 24, plus HD FRAMING. When I select any of these, nothing changes. The rear screen and EVF stay grid-free.  Frame lines are pretty essential to me, since I'm using this camera to mount an full frame ultrawide zoom on a shift adaptor for architectural work. Does anybody know a cause or a fix?
    • You mention VLC, it has the ability to export frames built in to it, just search for VLC export frame and you can find plenty of tutorials for doing that. From the way you have written, it sounds like you are trying to view a 4k video on a 1080p monitor, which is why your screen grab may be coming out as 1080 x 1920. This thread may help! it lists some other options: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4054568  
    • Thank you for your reply. I use Windows 10, and I have an editor program called MovAvi in which I was able to save a "snapshot" in the size 1920 x 1080 px which is the same size I can extract if a pause the video in for example VLC player and take a screenshot.   Do you know if 1920 x 1080 px is the largest size I can extract from a 4K video or can I extract a larger size somehow?
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