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X-E3 Concept

x-e2 x-e2s x-e3 concept

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#61 mrgooch



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Posted 16 November 2016 - 06:26 PM

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The perfect camera!

#62 analogcabin



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Posted 28 November 2016 - 08:50 PM

Please, Keep the flash.

For folks who like it..... we like it.

If you don't, don't use it.

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#63 am_ols



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Posted 27 December 2016 - 12:51 PM

One of the reasons I love my X-E so much is that there's a lot of dedicated controls (not as much as on the X-T1/T2, but still), no need to go into menus for most adjustments. For this reason a universal touchscreen doesn't work for me, please keep the 4-way buttons adn the dedicated Exprosure Compensation dial. I want more dedicated controls not less - a joystick (as on the X-T2) would be great. Other than that:


- A dedicated ISO dial would be nice, but I could settle for index finger dial in the front for this (like on the X-T);

- The pop-up flash is actually surprisingly versatile and useful, it can be bounced off ceiling and can help when the subject is backlit, I do wish they kept it

- Don't make the controls a copy of X-Pro2. I like the layout of X-E better.

- The X-Trans III is a must, there's really no need for yet another body with the same old sensor in it

- Faster and more reliable autofocuss with subject tracking

- Tiltable screen

- Don't much care about WR. Hasn't been a problem, even though I mostly shoot outdoors.

- Larger and faster EVF but only if it doesn't come at expense of camera size or other abovementioned features. I can live with the same EVF, but I really want that new sensor.

- video features of X-T2

- a reasonable price

#64 renes


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Posted 28 December 2016 - 10:16 PM

I am suppriced nobody has mentioned eyepiece issue in X-E2 that does not allow to attach any eycup. It's really a pain shooting street in strong sunlight with X-E2.


So I would add to X-E3 concept:


1. Attachable eycup

A must!


2. Metering switch under speed dial (like in X-T1/2)

I would really like to have direct fast access to metering modes.


3. Tilt LCD

A must!


4. WR

A must for me!


5. Bigger AF-L button with new placement

A must! Current AF-L placement sucks.

If you often use AF-L for AF focusing, i.e reportage or wedding, it should be placed niear thumb and can't be that smal.


6. 1/8000s

Electronic shutter does not do everything.


7. Bigger EVF

A must! A bit bigger (higher magnification), but not that big as XT1/2

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#65 easycass



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Posted 25 January 2017 - 08:16 AM

Just for my own purposes, I made up a rough composite image of what I would like the X-E3 to look like, my wish, should they ever make one...

Attached File  X-E3 Wish.jpg   83.75KB   4 downloads

For those of us that favour a smaller range-finder camera than the X Pro 2, but with the compactness of the X100F, and the facilities of the X-T2, that is where the X-E3 slots in. And the specs, well, here are my selfish desires...

  • 24MP X-Trans Sensor
  • Same battery as X-T2/X Pro 2/X100F
  • Button-layout similar to X100F/X-T2
  • Focus point joystick / Two control dials
  • ISO combined with Shutter Speed Dial / Q-Menu Button Assignable
  • Weather-resistant
  • High-spec EVF similar to X-T2
  • Fast Single Shot-to-Shot time <0.2s
  • Better grip, similar to X-T2, maybe a touch slimmer
  • Two memory card slots, although might make the camera too fat!

Things I personally don't need, but some people do...

  • Flash
  • Articulating screen
  • Touch screen
  • 4K Video

I am sure many people will have differing opinions on this. I have no need to argue with anyone else's wishes, the more the merrier I say! I really only post this to throw some more 'positive-energy' towards Fujifilm in the hope they do produce an X-E3 sometime soon...

#66 MSW


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Posted 28 January 2017 - 11:53 PM

Dear Fuji,

I love my X-E2! Especially since FW 4.0 it has become a spectacular camera (save the waxy skin) and I'm so thankful for that FW update. I couldn't be happier when compared with the DSLR I was shooting before. Now give us that 23 f2 and then a 56 f2 and I'll be jumping for joy.

But as much as I love the X-E2 I really hope you'll one day give us an X-E3. And I'm pretty sure I (and many others) wouldn't be able to resist upgrading from our X-E2. Here's what I think it should look like:


Now let's get the basic specs out of the way and then I'll write some details about each one:

- WR
- No integrated space-wasting midget-flash
- 24 MP X-Trans III sensor
- Tilting touch screen
- Large EVF from the X-T1 but with higher resolution and that nice refresh rate from the X-Pro2
- Front and rear dial as well as a combined SS / ISO dial
- Focus-recompose and touch screen to select focus points (omitting the need for joystick or 4-way controller)


I'd really like that but I can live without it. My lenses aren't WR anyway.

No Integrated Flash

Leave that thing out. It's so useless. Literally the only thing I do with it is popping it up and pressing it back in when I'm bored. I'm serious.
Integrated flashes are weak, very limited, add potential weaknesses, cast ugly shadows and make WR more difficult. For triggering remote flashes (the only real use this thing has) rather find a way to brightly flash the focus assist lamp if that is possible.
The money you save with this can go into adding a tilt and touch screen (see below).

24 MP X-Trans III Sensor

Pretty obvious, right? It would be even better if you added PDAF points on the whole sensor but I guess that won't happen.


Tilt screens are so useful. I want one. I know some self-proclaimed purists don't want one but that's nonsense. They can simply not use it. And no, it doesn't break easily. Especially not if you don't use it.
To accommodate the larger EVF (see below) you will need to make it more compact. I think you could keep it at 3" but all those huge borders around the actual screen area (like on the X-T1 / X-T10) need to go. Not a problem, others manage that as well.

Touch screens are so useful. I want one. I know some self-proclaimed purists don't want one but that's nonsense. They can simply turn it off. And no, it doesn't cost much and it also doesn't drain the battery when it's turned off.
It's embarrassing that so many cameras still lack one when we're in the age of the smartphone. The potential is huge but (like with the tilt screen) many fail to see that until they use a well implemented one. The main functions will be focus point selection (when shooting on a tripod) and menu navigation.


Yes, I want that huge X-T1 EVF. It's lovely and I want you to somehow squeeze it into the X-E3. To do that we'll need to move the screen and give up that 4-way controller which isn't needed (if you implement my suggestions for focus point selection). Add a higher resolution panel and give us that 85 fps refresh rate and we'll be extremely pleased.
Please give us a diopter correction that doesn't constantly move by accident. And mark the freaking neutral position! This is UI-101!


Give us a combined SS & ISO dial. Not quite like in the X-Pro2 but similar. Lift-and-turn is too difficult to perform since it needs a significant change in the right hand position. Instead make it so that the button on top toggles between ISO and SS. Almost always I'll keep either SS or ISO fixed and adjust exposure with the other. So toggling the two would be perfect. The outer design (SS outside, ISO in the little window) is great.
It would be even better if a deep press of the top button locked both settings so they can't accidentally be changed.

I'd love front and rear control dials. Make them like the rear dial on the X-E2. Not that mushy thing you put in the X-T10. And then give us the option to change ISO and SS with them by adding a "D" (for dial) setting on the SS/ISO dial. Simple concept:
- You like those labeled dials and only need full stops for ISO and SS: use the top dial.
- You prefer DSLR-style dials or need 1/2 or 1/3 stops: use the front and rear dial.
That way you can make all of us happy: everyone gets to use the dial they want and that ridiculous two-dials-are-needed-for-one-setting-thing has an end.

When I use the front and rear dials for ISO and SS I want a press of the dial to switch between manual and auto mode. When the auto mode is selected, turning the SS dial changes the minimum shutter speed and turning the ISO dial changes the maximum ISO. Simple as that.

Not a dial, but an important button: I want an AF button that works like the AF-ON buttons we are used to from DSLRs: press once for AF-S, hold for AF-C, half-pressing the shutter doesn't activate AF.

Focus-point Selection

We have two ways to select the focus point. Both are faster than joysticks or 4-way controllers and therefore (and since we have no space for it) we don't need either of those.

Handheld shooting: focus on your subject, half-press the shutter button (extra step when using AF-button to focus) and recompose. The camera automatically selects the new AF point closest to the subject that was initially focussed on.

Tripod shooting: use the touch screen to simply tap the desired focus point.

In handheld shooting using the LCD you can use either method.


So, Fuji, these are my suggestions. I'm sure there might be some problems with this concept I haven't thought about but the general idea seems like a lovely camera to me. Here are a few additional (random) points:

- Yes, it would be a step up and probably cause this camera to be priced the same or closer to the X-T2. I wouldn't care.

- If the camera needs to become a few mm taller or wider to fit the large EVF that would be okay.

- The exact button placement would of course need to be tested on actual prototypes, this is just guesswork.

- Centered tripod mount please!

- Dual card slot would be awesome. And please let us insert the cards from the side.

- Adding Bluetooth for a stable remote connection with low power consumption would be great.

- I'd like to have the ability to use the EC dial as a WB compensation dial when shooting in manual mode with AWB.

- I forgot a Drive button in my mockup.


What do you think of this camera? Would you buy it? Would you rather buy this or the X-T2 with the same specs? What would you do differently? Feel free to drop a comment. If someone with more PS knowledge than me (not difficult) wants to do a proper rendering feel free to do that. Just want to tell Fuji that they should release an X-E3? Here's your chance!



I'll take any combination of the above provided no weight or dimensional increase over X-E2.  Ease of lugging is what distinguished the X-E2 from X-pro1, X-t1 ans X-t10.  Don't mess with that!

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