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IBIS on Shooting Only

Heccie Thump

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I followed some online advice on setting up my XT4 to put the IBIS setting to 'Shooting Only' in order to try to conserve battery life.  Now when it comes to taking shots and I half depress the shutter button I expected to see the IBIS kick in and for the image to stabilise prior to me pressing the shutter button fully down, but it doesn't seem to do anything.  The camera focusses and sets exposure as it should but there is no sign of any IBIS activity.  If I go back to having the IBIS on permanently I can clearly see the effect of the IBIS as the image is rock steady.

Am I wrong to expect the IBIS to activate on half pressing the shutter button or is something not right?  I am using the 16-80 kit lens and have upgraded to the latest firmware.

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Apologies.  I was at work when I thought to ask this question and I only just remembered I had my camera manual in my bag so I looked it up.  I quote:

In 'Shooting Only' the image stabilisation is enabled only when the shutter button is pressed halfway (in focus mode C) or the shutter is released.

So, when you have the camera in continuous autofocus and you depress the shutter release half way then IBIS kicks in as I expected it to, but if in single focus mode it does not activate until you press the button all the way in, so you probably won't even notice it turning on and off.  It doesn't fill me with confidence, tbh, that it ever engages.  I would rather the IBIS comes on when you half press whichever mode you are in so you can see its effect.  I think I will leave it permanently on - that way I can see it working and when I put the camera on a tripod it turns itself off anyway.

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Try testing it to see if it works as you think it should.

Turn all stabilizations off and take some shots looking to see how low a shutter speed you can consistently use to get sharp enough images while handholding the camera. Turn on the stabilizations and try it again, looking for consistently sharp images at lower shutter speeds than in the first attempt.

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