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Maybe a new X100? model in the pipeline?

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Hi, just a wild speculation: At most vendors, the X100V is sold out with no re-supply for quite a while now. Is it possible that Fujifilm doesn't produce any more X100V cameras because they prepare to release a successor model soon, maybe announce it on the X summit on May 31?

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extremely unlikely. there are massive chip shortages and delays for nearly all forms of electronics worldwide due to pandemic and economic issues. the X100V is 2 years old in a lineup that historically has been updated every 3 years... so it is "due" in 2023. considering its huge popularity and lack of competition in the space (at least anywhere near the price point) I wouldn't be surprised if all these issues caused fuji to keep it until 2024 instead of 2023 before the next model. we shall see, but I'm nearly certain no new X100 camera is coming this year.

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