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X-T1 with Leica Summaron

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This is my first post here so I thought I’d kick things off with a little bit about what led me (or back to) Fuji. I’m a gear head,  owned everything from my first mirrorless, an Oly E-P1, to a Leice M9/50 Summilux and everything from everyone in-between. In occasional reviewing of my images in my Lightroom library, the ones that usually made me want to see what kit I shot with were surprisingly all Fuji, X-100, X-100s, X-Pro1, X-E1, & 2. I happened upon a nice used X-T1 w/kit lens and couldn’t pass it up. Now, about my post here, a few weeks later I came upon a nice 1958, it's an M mount with infinity focus lock Summaron M 35/3.5 35mm f/3.5 Goggle Version E39. It came without eyes, and I modified the infinity focus lock to not do that. I shot a bit as is and the accumulated haze from the 57 year old glass gave it a nice vintage look IQ wise. Being the adventurous type, I disassembled the lens and cleaned the elements. Now the glass and camera are inseparable. I do occasionally shoot an adapted Nikkor 300mm, mostly for wildlife and moonshots but my everyday is the Leica. I also needed a hood and they're very expensive and sort of rare so I popped down to my local camera shop and they had an old Leica swing-away polarizer with bad glass, removed that and voila, some useful shade.







One before cleaning:



One after:


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Nice, I went through college with this lens on the front of my Leica M2 - for street photography it was perfect. I could keep the whole set up in my pocket and focus by feel before it ever came out.

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