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I owned a x100T once upon a time and sold it. Bad decision! Ever since I have missed it...

I'm in the market for another one but I'm also interested in the wide angle conversion lens. Before, I had the Fuji lens hood and a uv filter on the lens and I also used the seven5 filter system on occasion. How would this work with the adapted lens?

Thanks for any advice,







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I am not so sure of what you mean nor am I sure of what to do If I do get what you mean.


Let me summarize my interpretation of your question.


If you intend to leave the UV filter on the 23mm lens and on top of that screw the wideangle adapter ...  if this is at all possible... you would have a small but extra distance between lens and adapter which wasn’t, I think, the way the lens+ adapter was meant to be assembled.


Assembling the two lenses this way might be impossible and, if possible might not be advisable for all sorts of reasons among which the fact that you will be using a small thread of the filter to put an heavy lens on it.


That’s why the adapter, itself, has a filter thread. So probably, when going from lens to adapted lens it would be better to not have anything in front of your 23mm otherwise, I am afraid that you would be better advised to remove it every time.


Once you get to terms with the opportunity of not using a UV filter, it would be probably better for you to seriously consider whether one REALLY needs an UV or protection filter altogether.


In my opinion this is superfluous and only provides a false sense of “ security” while almost certainly opening the possibility to create more problems that it possibly solves.

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Thanks milandro! I get the idea about not using a uv filter. No problem.

Tell me if I'm wrong : If I use the lens hood, I need to use the adaptor ring and stick the hood on that. So when I want to fit an extra lens on top, I remove the hood and the apadptor ring and screw the lens on. That right?

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