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Dear Fuji (and every one else who has an opinion on the matter)


Please, please, finde a way to fit the ACROS film simulation onto the EXR Processor II.


​I absolutely love my X100S, and have taken it with me to Japan, Minneapolis, the top of Kilimanjaro and every single party and family gathering sins I got it. The only thing I have been missing has been a good BW Jpeg mode. I have on several occasions gone shooting with a friend who owns a Leica camera, and has been envious of the BW Jpegs he has been able to pull straight out of he's camera.


I may be a Fuji-X fanboy, but i think that the X-series is absolutely the future of still cameras. If we can just get the ACROS film simulation on the EXR Processor II, I would be so happy :)


With my deepest admiration

Caspar Facius



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@Antony: It would seam that way. Unfortunatly. Maby I have just become use to the Apple model, where we get a free OS update every year, and running improvements. It is a shame that Fuji have decided to change there Kaizen approach to there X100s/t customers.



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I don't believe that Fuji have changed their model - with the exception of the X100 v2.0 firmware all updates have been for current model cameras only. I believe the X100 upgrade was an exception due to the fact it was the first X Series camera, and had generally acknowledged poor performance.

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