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Film Simulation Setting: Custom FS setting vs Overall Custom Setting


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I am very confused now having seen how to set the custom film simulation videos on youtube - people use a different camera so it is very confusing. In the case of X-S10 we have C1, C2, C3 and C4 on the PASM dial on top. I was thinking all this while that is the one we use to set our overall custom settings. Film Simulation custom setting, I expected, it will be a separate area. Because, once custome film setting is set, it shows up along with the standard film sim list. Also these demo videos all show a set of 7 custom settings option for film simulation. When i follow these video they all take me to one location with option for me to set only 4 custom settings which obviously i can assign to the PASM dial. 

Does the X-S10 not have a dedicated area for custom film simulation setting?  so custom film simulation will be part of the overall custom setting in X-S10? I am lost 😪

Hope I was clear and conveyed my question properly!! 


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Customization on the X-S10 is completely different from other Fujifilm X Series cameras.

It's best to ignore tutorials written for those other cameras.

The X-S10 doesn't have specific film simulation custom settings in the same way as the other cameras.

But the good news is that the four custom settings on the top dial of the camera are both easier to access and give much greater flexibility. They include the ability to store not only the image quality settings (normally considered as film simulation) but also many other settings.

You lose three custom slots but gain much more customization and ease of access with the top dial.

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6 hours ago, Sany said:

Looks like not many in this forum are using X-S10!?

I would also have an X-S10 if Fujifilm had implemented at least DCI 4K60fps, 1/8000s mechanically and ISO 64 in the X-S10. Maybe the X-H2 will finally meet these minimum requirements for me that I have been expecting since the X-H1.

As far as I know, you have once in the menu the selection of the film simulations of which you can select one and which is then active. The C1, C2, C3 and C4 positions on the dial are only 4 memory slots with any functions that you can call up quickly. What's confusing about it now?

I recommend reading the instruction manual in detail. It describes everything you need to know about your X-S10. The shooting menus can be found from page 105:. (Film simulation from page: 108) The description for C1, C2, C3 and C4 can be found on pages: 4 and 67.

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Thanks @Greybeard this is what I thought too. I need to explore more. I am a thinking how we can do the Film Simulation bracket for the custom simulations since they will not show up along with the proprietary film simulations. Hopefully there is a way - need to explore. Not sure why Fujiguys have not covered this part - they have a lengthy video on youtube for the X-S10.

Thanks @cpX for the citations - I had been through all those but my question was not about using these but specific to how we get the Film Simulation listed so it can be part of FS bracketing - they are not there.

Thanks anyway - I will continue exploring.

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1 hour ago, Greybeard said:

Film simulation bracketing is for the built-in Fujifilm provided simulations (this is not specific to the X-S10)

Thanks now clear if this is how in all the fujifilm camera models. For some reason I kept expecting the custom film sims to appear in the standard film sims once set. I stand corrected. So now I use the custom dial to add my 4 custom film simulation along with any other IQ settings. I need to experiment to see what other settings can be stored here. 

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