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Shutter preference for time lapse, panos, etc.

Caslon Bodoni

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11 hours ago, Caslon Bodoni said:

Does the electronic shutter eliminate any camera shake? Is it best to just always use it?

Sorry if its a dumb question but coming from the DSLR world.

I have not noticed that electronic shutter reduces camera shake for regular usage, but IF you using the camera in situations such as connected to a microscope when you are photographing highly magnified subjects, the mechanical shutter may have just enough shake that it blurs the image a bit so ES is a better choice.

It may seem like a better choice to just use ES, but there are a lot of lighting situations where you can get banding in the images because of how the sensor is read for ES vs MS. Even LED lighting can cause this if the controller running the LEDs use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

If your subject moves a lot; puppies, kittens, birds in flight, etc. MS can give you better results. Again, due to how the sensor is read during the shot.

Fujifilm says this:



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