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Hm...I've never used the X-Pro1, but I have used the X-T1 for quite a while. My comments:


- Dynamic range: I agree, shadows can be recovered to a large extent, highlights are blown more easily. It gets better if you shoot with higher ISO and use the 200%/400% DR settings. 


- WIFI: You shoot RAW only? I never tried that setting. In most cases, the JPGs are perfectly fine for most web applications, and the app works fine.


- Lenses: The 35mm 1.4 was one of the first lenses...I also found it a bit soft wide open, but it improves quickly stopped down to 2.0 or 2.8. I can live with it, actually like it for certain applications. I've never became a fan of the 18mm, sold mine, but also here - one of the original 3 lenses. Never used 23mm (X100T instead). I can only recommend the Fujinon XF 50-140 2.8, it is truly a great lens, on par with most top primes.


It's a tough comparison with the latest A7R II...that is indeed a beast, newest sensor and all bells and whistles. I like the A7 series as well, less in terms of ergonomics though, where Fuji feels more natural to me at least. But the image quality is great, was already good in the first one except high ISO.

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