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Photo preview after photo is taken? only via the playback button?


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Hello you all,

Maybe a very dumb question but i really cannot find it in the menus.

With al the digital camera's I had, i saw after the photo was taken an preview how the picture wil look like.

But i cannot find the option in the Fuji X-S10, everytime I have to push the play button to see the last photo I have taken.

I see only the irritating 'file Storing' message.

Also de screen set-up doesn't give me the option.


I hope someone can help because this must be possible.



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OK there are two things here:

- you are seeing the File Storing message because you have Clarity set to non-zero - if you don't like the message change the clarity setting

- if you want to always see a preview of each image after its has been taken there is a menu setting:

Set-Up -> Screen Set-Up ->  Image Disp.

You can set it to display the image for 0.5 sec, 1.5 sec or continuous until you dismiss the display

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