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    • A friend of mine and a keen photographer came to visit me .While having my X100VI on the table , took a quick snap shot.Hope you like it?

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    • Thanks Olaf. Yes I was. 🙈 Switched back to normal. The levels now show. 
    • I like a prime set where the focal length doubles at each step. I love the 24mm equivalent as an everyday lens. Three lens Fujinon prime set for my X-E3; 16mm f2.8, 35mm f2, 70mm f2 or f2.8 < obviously this does not exist, come on Fuji, where is our compact short tele? I've recently bought an X-T5 (to replace a Nikon D800E and f mount lenses). For this I'm aiming higher and looking for top performing lenses. Three lens Fujinon prime set for X-T5; 18mm f1.4, I hope that there will be a new 16mm f1.4 R LM WR which would be my preferred every day lens. The rest of the set look like they may be Viltrox, not Fuji, the 13mm f1.4 as an ultra wide, and the 75mm f1.2 as the short tele. I'd continue to use the Fuji 35mm f2 as the standard lens.
    • The X-Pro line are the revered ones, so an X-Pro 1 would be the obvious choice missing from your list, it's slow though. The X-H1 is an excellent tool, great ergonomics and versatility.   Back to the original topic: I have the original 27mm f2.8 pancake, for me it is far from special. The second version is identical optically. I like its compact size, but the 40mm equiv. focal length is not one I like much, and the imaging results are just average.
    • Wouldn't that heat shrink tubing mean that you would no longer be able to move the ring? How would you add the necessary o ring to seal the mount? How would you test it without risking it? 
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