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ISO change to reflect live in EVF?


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I recently purchased the XT-10. I am working on my manual mode skills and have a question. I have my light meter in my EVF, but when I need to change the ISO to reach proper exposure I have to press and use the front dial which takes me to another internal screen. This leaves me having to guess how high I need to go with my ISO to hit the proper exposure. Right now I just guess then check back to my normal EVF view and then have to make an adjustment again if I guessed wrong. Is there a way for me to change my ISO and have it show me live in the EVF light meter like it does for aperture and shutter speed changes? Thanks, Kim 

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Your EVF light meter tells you how many stops you are off the mark. Just change the ISO setting accordingly. F.ex. if the meter says you are about to underexpose 1 2/3 stops, adjust the ISO setting up f.ex. from 800 to 2500 or from 400 to 1250. No need for guessing or switching back and forth to check if you have set it right.


And yes, ISO can be assigned to a function button. You can also assign it to any of the positions on the Q menu. I use both. I like the Q menu to show me the settings I find most important, including ISO. So I can see and change the ISO setting via the Q menu.

However In my opinion there's a distinct advantage to assigning ISO to the front wheel and changing ISO by turning the wheel. Pressing the wheel enables you to choose the ISO value by turning the wheel, but it also enables you to change the settings for the three automatic ISO modes, something you cannot do from the Q menu. I use this to quickly change the maximum ISO value in automatic mode.


I've had my X-T10 for a month and an X-M1 for almost two years. Although in many ways similar (notably the sensor and the lenses of course) the X-T10 is a much more manually oriented camera, which makes it much more fun and powerfull to shoot with.

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One possible alternative is to set ISO to Auto mode. It will automatically tweak ISO value in Manual mode to required value that fits measured exposure and your Exposure Compensation value set. On half-press it will show you real ISO value that is going to be used for the shot.

If required ISO value exceeds possible range - you'll see that on Exposure Scale - indicator will be lower\higher than desired value.

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when I need to change the ISO to reach proper exposure I have to press and use the front dial which takes me to another internal screen. This leaves me having to guess how high I need to go with my ISO to hit the proper exposure.


I guess you just mean you can't see the exposure indicator in the viewfinder. But the point is, you can still see the scene in the viewfinder, and know in your mind what the trade-offs are for the different ISO levels - and that is really how to gauge your exposure in manual. The meter reading is just what your camera thinks might work, but your eye and brain should be the real judge anyway - unless you're actually looking at a gray card. But if you want your ISO to just be set to the exposure that your camera thinks is right, rather than what your own brain tells you, then you don't need to use manual, and should leave it on Auto ISO.


Another point to bear in mind is that you can see on your exposure meter how many stops you are away from the camera's idea of correct exposure before you launch the ISO menu. So if you check that first then you already know how many stops you need to move the ISO, and don't have to guess and check back.

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