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Fuji: How about ditching Silkypix for Capture One Pro?

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I'd like to suggest that with the release of the new Capture One Pro 9, perhaps Fujifilm could bundle the program in the way Sony has, instead of Silkypix.


If you agree it would be a better alternative, maybe you could add an encouraging comment.


Fujifilm is happy to improve the firmware, why not try to achieve a better image processing arrangement?


The bundled Silkypix is pretty much ditched on opening by most people, being about as popular as scabies. The Adobe processing is still not the best.


It'd be a real enhancement to Fuji's prestige to have such a comprehensive image editor that produces such superb results and users would gain better file handling, no longer having to pass files back and forwards between apps as they often do just now.


Sony has done it. Surely Fuji can make it viable also.


What do you think?

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C1 would be great - I own it, and it is a far better X-Trans converter than Adobe, which is the other real option for most people, I haven't tried the niche solutions like Silkypix or Iridient. I agree that Fuji needs to up their game with included software, especially with the sensor that is a little trickier to convert from.Sony is bundling C1, Leica at least WAS bundling Lightrroom (I don't know if they still are)? If you're a smaller manufacturer, especially if your camera has a "favorite converter", and won't work with some (DxO still won't touch X-Trans of any variety), it is important to bundle a  functional converter (and an old version of Silkypix doesn't count!). C1 is rapidly evolving into a full-function photo package, and is the only TRUE competitor to Lightroom. I don't think a Sony-style deal (C1 express restricted to Fuji cameras is free, upgrades available to Pro functionality, and to handle more cameras) deal would be all that expensive for Fuji, and the X-Pro and X-T series are expensive cameras that could support it (I could see NOT including C1 with X-A and X-M sales, which will most likely be used in JPEG mode anyway).



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Well, Sony uses a Beyer pixel mosaic, which is the standard and is virtually guaranteed broad industry support for our entire lifetime. Fujifilm does not so, to ensure there will always be one converter blessed by Fujifilm as being "correct", they may feel obligated to continue developing Silkypix. If Phase One was purchased by another company with less incentive to support Fujifilms unusual pixel mosaic... (These things do, unfortunately, happen frequently enough to remain a concern.)

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I used Capture One when I had my a6000 and I thought it was the best RAW converter for that camera but I'm not overly impressed with the results from my Fuji. It's also very processor intensive and their customer support is patchy. I would put it on a par with LightRoom as far as features such as local editing and cataloguing but would choose LightRoom over it. Silkypix is pretty quick but doesn't have as much fine control as others, it's more like RawTherapee (my favourite) designed for overall editing of single files but I must admit I haven't used it as much as the others yet.

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