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New rumors have already begun. Proof of the 32/33mm !?

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In a video from (the awesome) bigheadtaco, a new X-Pro2 feature to preview framelines is shown.


With the wide magnification, a frameline for 32mm appears. Is this for the rumored 32 / 33mm F1.0 ?


Video here: https://youtu.be/jPtaZKF8q2o?t=22m0s






Edit: In an image that mikemander took, it does show a frameline of 33mm.

Possibly he was using an earlier (or later) version of the pre-production firmware.



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The Zeiss would be my guess.


Good call ! :( Completely forgot about that one with all the announcements going on.

Still, i'm hoping.


33 is such a strange focal length though, here's hoping they round it down to 32 indeed.

Silly i know, but at least they can combine the framelines if indeed they're showing support for the Zeiss here. =)


I wonder if you're able to choose between wide or standard magnification when shooting 32mm, i think i would prefer the latter even if it's a little tight.


Interesting feature in any case, this framelines preview.

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Updated the post with an image where the frameline is actually 33mm, not 32mm!





You can choose on the xpro1 by holding the ovf/evf switch for 4 seconds so I doubt they'd remove that feature

Of course not ! But i didn't know (or forgot) about it, and it seems to be updated now.


I wonder, does the Pro1 show the 90mm with latest firmware? And what about 32mm?

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Well, the frameline doesn't zoom past a certain point that's quite early in the zoom range on my 50-140. I guess they don't do it because the parallax correction would just be too inaccurate.


Yes, but what about the framelines preview option we were talking about?

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That would kill off their X100 series. I could live with a pancake 23 F2.8 tho and I know I am not the only one around :D


Off-topic: I doubt it, since a x-mount lens can't be built half of more into the body, it goes 'in front' of it. But the X100 is about way more than a flat lens. (has been discussed numerous times already)

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I really want a 33mmF1. 


I really want one, too. But as I don't know how large it needs to be, I'd rather have someone make a more educated decision. I don't want a super slow focusing behemoth with super soft corners, incredible vignetting and all kinds of other optical issues. If they could make one in a size below the 56, maybe even around the size of the 23, that would be outstanding. I know that entry pupil size plays a role, so just saying ... 


And I'd be willing to pay a fair price for it. But I'm not willing to pay Noctilux price/quality ratio which is absolutely abysmal.

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I´m sure, if fuji really is bringing that to the market, the 33mm f1,0 will be the best (in terms of IQ) faster-than f/1,2 standard-prime in the world...across all systems. But unfortunately it also will be the most expensive XF (prime) lens ever.

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