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GFX 100s randomly goes dark/sleep

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I've had the GFX 100s for about 6 months now and it has randomly gone dark on me while shooting (happened three times).

What I mean by "gone dark" is; the shoot is going well then all of a sudden when I press the shutter, it doesn't take a picture, the screen goes dark, and the LED light just remains orange.

The first time it happened, it took about 5-8min before the camera "woke up". The other times, I've had to remove the battery.

Has this happened to anyone before? 


Thank you

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In general: make sure you run the latest firmware (v1.31) and use Fuji recommended SD cards. It's a drag, but Fuji is incredibly sensitive to 'the right' SD cards. I've had the same issue when I had a GFX100S on trial for a few days. I wasn't able to 'solve it definitively' because I didn't keep the camera long enough. 

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I had a similar experience but this was recording video from the 100s to Blackmagic Designs 12G Raw Recorder shooting BRAW. About 18 minutes into shooting both the BMD monitor and the camera monitor would go black. And the recorded video sat that point in the take recorded black as well, with no sound. I don't think it's the card as I have good cards that have recorded a LUMIX S1H for months with the same BMD monitor and no issues. Recording at the same Q3 compression as I had with the Lumix.

I had the GFX 100s set at 4K 16:9, 24P, 400Mbps. The cable is a Pearstone HDD-203 High-Speed Micro-HDMI to HDMI Cable supporting an advertised resolutions up to DCI 4K at 60p with an 18 Gb/s bandwidth.

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