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Filter reflections with XF14mm f2.8


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A few images taken using the Lee filter system (full size) on my XF14mm lens have featured a curious semicircular artefact. I thought at first it was flare but on closer inspection I've realised it is reflections of the lettering on the front lens flange. An example is attached - I've bumped up the contrast to make them more obvious.


There is (hopefully) an easy fix to this. I've applied some black tape to cover up the white letters. Checking through there EVF this seems effective but I'll try it on my next shoot and see how it goes. I haven't seen the problem with my other Fujifilm lenses (18-135 and 35 f1.4).

If anyone has encountered it before I'd like to hear their experiences and fixes if appropriate.

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you are not the first to bump into this, there was someone else who reported something similar on a different lens. Can’t find it anymore but his example was a lot more “ clear” than yours.


The thing is that most filters only have anti reflections treatment on the outside, facing light, not on the inside.


Short of blackening the lettering somehow with a felt pen or a pencil ( a very crude solution) or indeed covering it with some adhesive velvet cut to size ( I would do this) I really don’t know how you would avoid this.


Which filter was this? The picture doesn’t seem to need having a filter at all.


If it is a clear filter just sto using it, most of the times they will only create problems rather than offering the dubious protection which most believe the are giving.

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I was just reading a blog by David duChemin the other day in which he ran across this with one of his lenses.  He used gaffer tape during the trip, but touched it up with black model paint when he returned.  Might be worth it for your most used landscape lens, but this will hurt the resale value, but who worries about that?


I believe in getting it right in camera too, rather than having to compromise your exposure in the field an having to try and achieve the look you want in computer...

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adhesive velvet is very common or at least it was when I bought some many years ago, it came in all colors and I bought black. I have used it in many applications, if you want to do a good job you need also a circular cutter. Good luck.





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