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Architecture (Decay/Abandoned)

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Forgive me if this type of thread already exists, but I couldn't find it so I'll give it a shot. I love taking pictures of old buildings, especially those that are abandoned or in disrepair. Lots of stories to be told by these old buildings and homes. Let's post them here! 


Abandoned by Deveren Fogle, on Flickr

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the urban landscape has always fascinated me with the shape of all manner of buildings or constructions left to themselves.


Every major city in the world has some of these constructions and once, long long time ago, I started a project called Perpherial Titans which showed large and mostly industrial buildings in various state of decay and disrepair.


Just a few days ago I went to a new quarter which is being developed around these three towering vats used long ago by the Amsterdam's wastewaters treatment plant. 

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