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X-E4, Custom settings and film simulation bracketing

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Suppose you photograph with your E4 with your favorite film simulation that you have adjusted a bit to increase contrast, adjusted white balance and exposure compensation etcetera and saved this in a custom setting.

Then you decide to try out the film simulation bracketing while the Custom setting is active.

The strange thing is that the IQ values you have set for your custom setting now apply to all three film simulations of the bracket. This can give you very strange results.

Example: You have set the simulation of Kodak T-max 400 film from the Fuji X Weekly app with, among other things, white balance Daylight, +9 red, -9 blue and Monochrome + red filter.

Then you shoot a series with Provia(Std), Velvia and Astia(Soft) in bracket mode and you get Std, V and S with white balance values of the custom setting and thus photos with a heavy orange/red color cast that matches the color negatives of the past.

So if you want to make a series with different film simulations with the bracket setting and be able to compare, you have to set all those values in the IQ menu to 0.

It would make more sense if Fuji had made it possible to choose the Custom settings in the Film Simulation bracketing as well.

Maybe a next firmware update?


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