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More WB Auto Shift settings


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I want to use simulations  - for example:

Kodachrome II  - My Fujifilm X-Pro2 Kodachrome II Film Simulation Recipe | FUJI X WEEKLY

Cross Process - My Fujifilm X100F Cross Process Film Simulation Recipe | FUJI X WEEKLY

and others ...

But one time the WB Auto setting = Kodachrome II - WB: Auto, +3 Red & -4 Blue = and the other time = Cross Process - WB: Auto, -3 Red & -8 Blue =.

Even if I use only one of these settings, it is valid for all others where I also use WB:Auto.

So if I want to shoot one scene at the same time with different WB:Auto Shift settings, do I have to keep setting Red and Blue while shooting, do I have those settings written down somewhere or is there some other solution?
Or does Fuji only allow you to have one camera setting?

How do you deal with it? Don't you shoot jpegs and edit everything at home?

Thank you in advance for any reply

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I see the answer is not here...
I've come across a dozen people complaining about this problem on the internet in the last week alone. Most recently today on FB, where four people out of ten are asking each other how they are solving this problem.

Fujifilms cameras are often bought just for the film simulation recipes and the time saving of not having to use RAW and post processing - like Capture One or Lightroom. Fujifilms cameras also allow you to define 7 simulation presets at your discretion. There is one big BUT ... You can't save multiple white balance presets - why? If the camera has 7 presets, why can't you use them? So why buy a Fujifilm if I have to do post-processing anyway? Fujifilm is pushing me into buying the latest product? The X-H1 et al, is some sort of cropper that doesn't deserve to be able to use the full potential of Fujifilm cameras? Is it a disposable camera from the fair?

It's been more than 50 years since man set foot on the moon, and we still have to manually re-set the white balance when changing the film simulation recipe, search our pockets for the paper where the setting is written, or use the trick of Fujifilm camera users who write the white balance setting in the name of the simulation recipe. Ugh, shame on you!

Fujifilm's main asset - film simulation recipes - is disappearing because Fujifilm doesn't want to pay a person to come up with a few lines of code for a day and upload new firmware to the web to patch the wound ...

When you see a person whose papers are falling out of their pockets while shooting, you know it's a Fujifilms user who bought an unfinished camera for a whole 2 - 3 (in my country) months salary. An unbelievable shame for Fujifilm, which perhaps they don't even realize. Do users have to do petitions and some happenings to get Fujifilm to do what it has to do at least for one day??! :(


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Hi, one option I saw was to use different WB type per simulation.  So auto for first preset, tungsten for next, fluorescent for next etc etc   Maybe it could work if you could find out what is behind those WB types  

I’m looking for the same answers - as you say it’s crazy to not be able to set adjustments for each preset. 

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