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I'm thinking of getting one of X100 models as my second (and every day walk around) camera.

I think X100S is the sweet spot for me after doing my research.

eBay has a few listings, and they are anywhere between $360~$500.

What would you consider a good price for used X100S in 2022?




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It really depends on condition and number of shutter actuations. I picked up a mint black with under 2K shutter count a year ago for under $300 and have seen the value go up in a year which is unusual for a digital camera but the x-100 series appears to have developed a cult following. I would be patient and find what you believe is a good condition one that has a return policy because most people rate their cameras higher than they deserve to be. BTW it is an excellent camera to use with beautiful results especially the B&W.

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The x100s gets badmouthed a bit for having a more "clinical" image quality compared to other generations. Check the images that float around on the web to see whether you agree.

I have had one since release and still find it excellent, with the built-in nd filter being a real game changer for daylight shots.

The biggest weakness is low-light - I basically bought a second hand x-pro1 with the 23mmf1.4 lens for that, despite the ludicrous increase in size and weight compared to the x100 series.

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