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Mechanical Shutter on Tripod

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Hi, this is my first post here. I have a brand new GFX 100S and have encountered an unusual problem. When the camera is set to Mechanical Shutter, IBIS off, and mounted on a solid tripod, the resulting images are not sharp when the shutter speed is slow, like 1/30 or so. This is clearly visible when zoomed in to 100%. When shutter speed is fast, like 1/650 or thereabouts, it's not a problem. When the camera is set to Electronic Shutter the images are perfectly sharp every time, also with IBIS turned off, at any shutter speed, even up to 1 second. I have the 250mm F4 lens and the 110mm F2 lens, and the same thing happens with both lenses. I'm doing landscapes, which involves a lot of longer distance images.

I don't mind using Electronic Shutter if that's the only thing to do, although I know rolling shutter can be a problem under certain circumstances.

So my question is: do any other GFX 100S users have the same experience, or do I have a slightly defective camera?

I have attached two partial photos of exactly the same subject, at 100%.

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Interesting.  When on the tripod, I use electronic shutter (ES).  However, Using the 100-200 zoom, I find that leaving the OIS of the lens to on works better.  I was just using the 100s with the 100-200 zoom on a tripod at speeds down to 1/6th of a second and found the ES and OIS on worked better.

This past summer while shooting out in Colorado I used a very lightweight tripod and found that on the 50R and the 100-200 combo the images were much better with OIS on the lens activated.

Just my two cents worth but I would use ES on non-moving objects given half a chance.  However, I do need to do further testing...

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You don't mention which tripod + head you have. Esp. with 102MP medium format any vibration from shutter or ground can create a resonance in esp. lighter or less dampened tripods with a camera/lens combo of around 2.5kg. It doesn't affect you at 1/650th, but could certainly at 1/30th or slower. 

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Looks like motion blur since it is unlikely the roof of the building is moving the vibration is originating from your setup!  Obviously, the sensor resolution will reveal more imprecision (vs full frame) and your A-B test seems to verify motion blur when using slower ss. If you have not already, try shooting with AF-S mode, timer on (at least 2secs) or remote w/hands off rig and both IBIS and OIS off. If that doesn't work try electronic shutter with aforementioned settings if you have not already.  I have not yet shot with your 250 lens. However, on the GFX 100s I have shot with my GF 45-100 and using a lens adapter with 70-200 Nikon lens on a sturdy Gitzo carbon tripod and a head that can hold 600mm lens weight. So far, I have done long exposures (in the minutes ss) with both IBIS and OIS off when shooting with a longer focal length and have not encountered this issue.  Good Luck!

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Relatively small GFX 100s body suffers from shuttershock when mechanical shutter or electronic first curtain shutter are used.Does not matter mounted on tripod or handheld.To avoid that I recommend using electronic shutter for static subjects.The difference in sharpness is very often dramatic while rolling shutter effect not too disturbing.

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I believe that the electronic front curtain shutter setting will eliminate shutter shock, as will electronic shutter, but electronic shutter may introduce flicker artifacts if you are under artificial illumination, especially LEDs. Electronic front curtain will not have that consequence. 

Of course, a remote shutter release or using the timer at two seconds will eliminate the physical shock of pushing the shutter release button.


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